About Our Director

Alysha Griffiths is the owner, director and head tutor at Breakaway Education.The centre was opened in 2016 when it was realised that there was a significant lack of educational assistance services in the Southern Highlands, Wollondilly and in the online sector.

Since opening our doors, the business has gone from strength to strength.

Alysha is a passionate, enthusiastic and driven individual who truly believes in the power of education and what education allows children to access throughout their lives.

She has:

  • Over 8 years of classroom teaching experience.
  • 6 years of specific tutoring experience
  • 10 years experience teaching guitar, singing and piano.
  • Bachelor of Arts (English and History).
  • Master of Teaching in Secondary Education.
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Learning Difficulties).
  • Irlen Screener
  • Qualified Tutor of the ATA.

Message from Alysha

I believe that teachers should be mentors. That means that we should be moving beyond just delivering the content of the curriculum. This is one of the focus areas that I have had through the outset of Breakaway Education, and is a concept that our name was created upon.

From the outset of my classroom teaching, and further into my business adventures, the main thing that I want to demonstrate to my students (and staff) is that we can truly BREAK AWAY from EVERYTHING that we feel may hold us back. This means, that if I think there is another avenue of assistance that we need to look into for your child to truly succeed, then I will personally make this suggestion to families and guide them through this process.

Learning is essentially a bunch of puzzle pieces that all fit together. Each of these pieces of the puzzle (your child’s whole self) needs to be addressed for learning to be optimised.

I want to show children that they are ALL special, talented, intelligent, unique and capable. I want my students and my tutors to work as a team together. I want every child that enters our centre and sessions to feel COMFORTABLE and leave with CONFIDENCE and the knowledge that they can ACHIEVE everything that they dream of achieving.