Start Term 2 with a BANG!

Just like that, we are propelled into Term 2! All of the routines that were set up at the beginning of Term 1, have been thrown out the window over the holidays, only to leave everyone scambling for the begining of Term 2.

So let’s get Term 2 moving. Below are some of our favourite tips when it comes to things that help our kids best at the start of another school term!

#1 REFLECT – reflection is really important for you and your family. Reflect on what worked well in Term 1, and what things still went haywire and need fixing and changing. Perhaps there were too many activities scheduled for your child and they were completely over run at the end of the term. Perhaps it was morning routines that left everyone out of sorts before the day had even began, or perhaps you need to schedule more “family” activities to reconnect during the term?

#2 SCHEDULE IN DOWN TIME – We see often that sometimes we accidently overschdule ourselves and our kids. Putting a limit on the activities that your kids will do after school, and actually scheudling in family down time and down time for your child each day and week will help immensly. When we have kids that are overschuduled, they will often struggle by the time the afternoon hits. They may be exhausted and although we want to keep our kiddos busy and out of trouble, sometimes too many activities can actually have the opposite effect.

#3 HEALTHY SNACKS, HEALTHY MINDS- Yet a food one! Remembering that we need to feed our kids good nutricious and healthy meals will help everyone in the long run. Not only does it allow our kids to learn at their optimum level, but it also helps them with emotional regulations and their ability to cope with stressful situations!




Alysha Griffiths is a passionate educator, owner of Breakaway Education and a mum to June. With over 20 years teaching experience, Alysha’s passion lies in education and helping kids and parents to connect the puzzle pieces of education! With a Masters in Teaching (Secondary) a Bachelor of Arts (History, English) and a Graduate Certificate in Education (Learning Difficulties), Alysha continually works to gain more insight and knowledge across many areas of education. 

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