Primary Tutoring

Is your child struggling in the classroom?
Maybe when it comes to homework time, you are met with tears and tantrums?
Perhaps, your child’s classroom teacher has flagged that they are struggling in particular areas in the classroom?
Or maybe, you have noticed that what your child’s teacher is saying they have achieved……. they are actually struggling with at home?

Let our team of expert tutors assist your family.

The foundational blocks of learning are SO important for students to gain confidence in before the completion of Primary School.

Why? Well, the more a child struggles with aspects of learning (year after year after year) the less confident they feel in all classroom situations and the HARDER it becomes not only for them to catch up with their peers, but to get them to complete (and start) tasks that are challenging.

There are so many different methods that can be used to teach concepts to our children, and often, it is just a matter of finding an individual that your child connects with, and perhaps someone that shows them the same skills….. in a different way!

Let us help you fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together for your child!

Our Primary School sessions are personalised directly for your child, allowing tutors to build on the skills that matter, and help to fill in the gaps when it is required.

Sessions are available both in person through our centre in Mittagong. In home sessions are available through the Wollondilly and online sessions for students in all states of Australia are also available.