HSC Tutoring

Subject content. Essay skills. Study skills. Revision. Written explanations. Comprehension. Practice. Feedback. Guidance.

The HSC is HARD! It is a CHALLENGING process that many students struggle with. There is a massive gap between what is taught in Year 10 and what is taught in Year 11 and 12. Many of the things are supposed to be a continuation and something that has been gradually developed since Year 7, but in reality, we don’t think we really NEED them until we realise that we do!

Our HSC tutoring is focused on SUPPORTING and GUIDING your child to the finish line. We look at study techniques and methods, understanding the information and how to put this into practice.

We provide MENTORING to our students about options and avenues available to them after the conclusion of the HSC and take deliberate actions in assisting our students keep in control of their mental health during the stressful combination of Assessments, Examinations and Major Work that HSC students are faced with.

We help to find the BALANCE and ENJOYMENT in what is studied over these final years of schooling.

Our HSC tutors are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS and keep up to date with curriculum changes and development for their specified subject areas.

We provide WORKSHOPS where students can collaborate with others going through the same process and ONLINE WORKBOOKS and GUIDELINES to help support them that little bit more!


We can help with a wide variety of subjects including:

  • English — Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and 2
  • Mathematics — General, Advanced, Extension 1 and 2
  • Science — Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Biology
  • History — Ancient, Modern, Extension
  • Geography

We can also help to guide students in other subject areas, as many of the issues they may have in one subject, often occur in another!

Length of Sessions

All HSC sessions are 1 hour in length. We can increase this over the week if needed. We can also provide ONE OFF sessions for students during major assessments and examination times.

Want 2 hour sessions? Just let us know and we will try and fit it in!