BOOKS for Christmas?? YES PLEASE!!

Looking at buying your children books for Christmas this year?

Books (i think) are the ULTIMATE Christmas gift for all children. In today’s society with so much dependence on technology, nothing beats sitting down to read a good book with your child, or giving them a book to indulge in themselves.

Yes, there are plenty of e-books around and online activities to encourage reading for children, but old fashion reading away from the blue light is a lot more beneficial for your child’s development. AND…. spending some time away from technology is always a positive thing for the mental development and stability of our children too!

BUT…..what do you buy them? How do you find something they might like?

Here is our Breakaway guide to books that will engage and enthuse your child with reading.

How to find the perfect book?

  • Pick something that your child is INTERESTED IN! It doesn’t have to be a fiction book! If your child likes Science- buy a book of experiments. Remember we read in a whole range of different contexts both fiction and non fiction.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy something that seems a bit “tricky”. Challenging your child in their reading is so important. Don’t pick something so difficult it will turn them off though- but something that is a little challenging is good!
  • Can’t find a “new” author? Find a golden oldie!
  • Books are an investment. If your child finishes the book and you don’t want it to clutter the space, resell it! Breakaway Education are always looking for good quality, second hand books. You can also hand them in at charities around the area too!
  • Child didn’t like what you picked? Try a different type of book next time. It may take some time to find them something they enjoy- but it is well worth the effort!!

**The following books are some of my favourites! You will see a lot of the prices have come from Big W! I am in no way affiliated with Big W….. they just have the books for cheapest! Booktopia is also great for books as well! **

The Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton- Perfect for young readers, struggling readers, independent readers ……… or anyone!

Looking for a series of books? This is the series to go to! This series explores the treehouse (26, 78, 91) that every kid would love. Packed full of fun rooms within the treehouse, this series allows kids imaginations to run wild! Want a room full of pizza making ingredients? Think that training Penguins in Kung Fu sounds like fun?  Not only is the book entertaining to read, all the cartoons throughout the book (every page) make the book interactive as well. Encouraging kids to look closely at the cartoons to see what things they can find, and how it matches with the story!

The best bit? You can get them from Big W for $8 a book!!

Weirdo by Ahn Do- Perfect for young readers and those that struggle with reading.

Another fantastic book series. Filled with funny stories that make kids howl with laughter. A perfect set for all ages including reluctant readers.

You can buy the Mega Weirdo collection books 1-7 from Booktopia and Big W.

If you just want one at a time you can get up to book 9 from Big W and Kmart for $8 a book!

Harry Potter- Normal novel version or the beautiful Illustrated editions by J.K. Rowling- The perfect gift for any reader!!

I LOVE Harry Potter! The books, in my opinion, are always a million times better than the movies. If your kid’s (or you!) loved the movie, grab the book series! There is also now a beautifully illustrated edition of the Harry Potter books as well, if you are looking for that extra something special! Follow Harry and his friends through the toughest challenges they are faced with at Hogworts!

Dr Seuss- Great for beginner readers. Dr Seuss books are levelled readers- Just have a look on the back!

I have just started reading Dr Seuss books to my baby girl! I love them. Easy to read, great rhyming patterns which create a rhythm to your reading. AND best of all, even reluctant readers that I have used this with in tutoring, have enjoyed the books and the tales of Dr Seuss! Funny pictures to look at and talk about that go along with the crazy world that Dr Seuss created for readers of all ages!

The best bit? Cheap books!! You can buy a range of different book boxes with Dr Seuss from about $45 from major book retailers and can even find the individual books as cheap as $8.

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey- Great for independent readers!

Another day, another series! But another excellent series to excite your child’s mind! Have a child that thinks everything belonging in and with a toilet is funny? This is the series for you!! Full of humour that only a child would find entertaining!!

Father Christmas heard a fart!!

Looking for a funny little Christmas book!! This is it!!

Classic $5 movie collection books- Great for all readers!

Love the movie? Read the book! Best part- these beauties are $5 a book!

Some of the books you can get include:

  • Tangled
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Snow White
  • Finding Nemo
  • Cars
  • Peter Pan
  • Frozen

There are stacks of other titles as well. Old classics and newer story versions of movies! You could even pair some of these books with colouring books and puzzle books of the same story. Why not add in fancy dress too?

Bundled Christmas Ideas

  • Frozen story book- $5
  • Frozen Magical colouring- 40 pages- $2
  • Frozen: sing a long edition- $19
  • Frozen Teepee- $25
  • Frozen activity pack- make your own stickers- $19
  • Frozen doll- $19

There are stacks more themed items for ‘Frozen’ alone! You could use the Teepee and make it into a ‘Frozen’ themed reading corner and include cushions and blankets as well to set the Teepee up in your child’s bedroom.

You can do this for any of the Disney books! I just picked out Frozen because it still seems to be super popular with little people!

Diary of a wimpy kid- Great for reluctant readers and young readers.

Another series! I personally LOVE books that come in a series! You can purchase the whole set….. or purchase them in small lots! There is Christmas, Easter and Birthdays all set!!

Follow Greg and Rowley through the trials and tribulations of school! Great entertaining stories, funny and relatable. Best of all? Although it is a novel, it includes cartoons to continue to provide entertainment while reading!

Single books average $8 a book (price from Big W)

OR get the whole collection $70 (Big W)

Tom gates- Top of the class- Great for reluctant readers and young readers.

Another series! Another Graphic novel! All about Tom Gates and his adventures with his friends! Great for encouraging early readers, or those who struggle with reading.

$9 a book from Big W!!

Roald Dahl- Great for the whole family!!

  • The twits
  • The BFG
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory

…and the list goes on

All great stories! Funny, entertaining, great adventures with fantastic characters!!

Ranging from $8- $12 a book——-or, get a box!! $40 from Big W.

Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls

This book is brand new! It is a little more expensive ($24.95 from Booktopia)- but completely engaging and a great read!!

This wonderful book introduces readers to one hundred remarkable women and their extraordinary lives. From Marie Curie to Malala, this book includes stories of scientists, artists, politicians, pirates and spies! Including beautiful portraits from artists across the globe! 

Do not open this book by Andy Lee (and Do not open this book again!)- Perfect for beginner readers, struggling readers and the WHOLE family!

A story about doing EVERYTHING to make you not want to read the book! Funny and engaging! Making it incredibly difficult to put down!!!

Best bit? $12 from Big W!!

Also available as a pack with a plush toy for $15! 

Turtles all the way down by John Green –Perfect for Teens!

The newest book from John Green has arrived. After the incredible journey in Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars. Investigating lifelong friendship, learning to navigate daily existence within the confines of her own thoughts. 16 year old Aza decides with Daisy to investigate the mystery of fictive billionaire Russell Pickett.

A novel about clarity, love, resilience and the power of lifelong friendship.

$19.95 from Booktopia.

Nevermoor. The trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend- Perfect for Independent Readers!

Perfect for independent readers! The book follows the adventures of Morrigan Crow. Who is cursed. Born on an unlucky day, she is blamed for all local misfortunes, from hailstorms to heart attacks and worst of all? The curse means that Morrigan is doomed to die at midnight on Eventide! Will she survive?

$12.50 from Booktopia.


There are SO many more books on the market! There are stacks of book gift guides….but most importantly….. find a book that would interest and engage your child!

Give the gift of BOOKS this Christmas!!

Have a suggestion?? Send it through it us!! I’ll add it to the list!