Bullying and Conversations at Home!

How do I open conversations about bullying at home?

Have you ever heard someone say they talk to their plants because it makes them grow stronger?

It sounds ridiculous right?

But it is TRUE! It has been scientifically proven that plants respond to nurturing and positive comments made to them!

I find this absolutely fascinating — but it makes sense right?!

What on earth does this have to do about opening conversations about bullying at home?

Last year, Ikea decided to do an experiment in some schools using two of their plants. They asked the students to bully and say mean things to one plant, and say positive, uplifting and nurturing things to the other plant.

Both plants received the same amount of water, fertiliser, air and light.

What happened was incredible! The plant that was bullied, wilted. It didn’t thrive and essentially died.

The plant that was uplifted, nurtured and made to feel good about “itself” continued to grow. It was healthy.

The power of this experiment is so clear. If plants respond to positive and negative talk ….. then how do human being respond?

Something to do at home.

You can easily replicate this experiment in your own home. It works extremely well for both little kids and our teenagers. Not only is it easy. It is extremely powerful and can easily open up conversations for your family and children.

Words are the most powerful things. Words in all forms, written and spoken.

I want to do this with my family!

Click here to download the experiment.

Click here to download the conversation starters for kids.

Click here to download the conversation starters for teenagers.