How do you study?

We often forget that when we tell our children to go and “study” that this is often a skill that hasn’t been explicitly taught. Kids never know where to start, how to organise their work or what they should actually be achieving when completing the “study” routine.

NOW is the perfect time for organisation for HSC exams. Even better, at the end of last year! This is often something that will be put off until the exams are staring them in the face! And at this point it is often too late to be really able to complete the exams to their full potential.

There is so much information out there about the BEST ways and most effective ways to study. The problem is where do you start?

Below are a few beginner tips for making your study routine work for you!

  • Make sure your study space is quiet, away from all distractions (including computers) and is clean and tidy.
  • Schedule your study sessions in. Create a timetable like you have at school and make sure you STICK TO IT.
  • Consider “colour coding” your work. Don’t just go and highlight all the “important” information. Actually think about what parts of your work fit into what dot point and code your work according to dot points.
  • Although study books like Excel provide great overviews, do something with the information, rather than just read it.
  • Know your concepts.
  • Figure out which examples (English and History) are the best to explain the concepts.
  • Pick specific quotes that also highlight this.
  • Actually START your study.

This is not an exhaustive list. Remember there are a million and one ways in which your child may decide to begin their study notes, but they need to begin somewhere.

Keep posted for more tips and tricks over the next 2 weeks.

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