Kaiko Magnetic Pads

Magnetic Pad’s are great to use for a whole range of tasks! Best of all…. it’s just like popping bubble wrap!


These Magnetic Pads are an amazing, engaging tool for all ages. The magnetic stylus lifts the magnetic balls up to the surface, allowing you to create all kinds of designs with the pen. To depress them, run your finger over them which feels a lot like popping bubble wrap!

You can also tilt it upside down to allow the beads to fall into the holes, and then rub your hands over it.

This is a great tool for multi-sensory literacy, as well as using for maths, motor planning and provides a calming sensation. Promoting fine motor and hand/eye skills, the magnetic pull and pushing while drawing and erasing provides input to the proprioceptive receptors in muscles and joints of the hands.

The Magnetic Pad magna board with magnetic pen gives inquisitive minds an opportunity to tap into their creativity and hours of fun and focus. The pen also has an added bonus of promoting the correct pencil grip for users.

Each board contains 380 holds, containing magnetic balls.

Suitable for 3yrs+


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