Teardrop Pendant Oral Motor Sensory Chew Necklace



The teardrop Chewable pendant necklace is a fun option to support children who love to mouth objects. The teardrop pedant is a discrete way for children to receive oral motor input to calm their nervous system. Chew pendant is 100% food grade silicone to withstand even the most strenuous chewing. The teardrop pendant is easily washed in warm soapy water and the customised safety clasp easily separates when tugged.

Teardrop Pendant is recommended:

  • To provide oral motor input to assist with regulation
  • As an alternative for children who love chewing or mouthing objects i.e. shirt collar, pencil or toy.
  • For 3+ years

Care instructions:

  • Clean by hand: Cleaned by hand using a clean damp cloth and warm soapy water. Then rinse off and dry
  • Dishwasher: Put into the dishwasher on the top shelf (below 65C).

* Please note: Chews are considered to be a consumable item and are not designed to last forever. As soon as you see any sign of wear and tear discard your chews.  Colours may vary slightly from images from time to time based on stock availability *


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