Theraputty Hand Exercise Putty Slime 85gm



Theraputty is a brightly coloured, non-sticky putty that can be stretched and moulded to support fine motor skills. Each colour coded putty has a different consistency for strengthening muscles of the hand and building fine motor skills.

Most primary school-aged children will require either Soft or Medium strengths and can move one strength up or down depending on their unique requirements.

Theraputty is recommended:

  • To support the development of fine motor skills including strength, dexterity and isolation.
  • As a fidget tool to support focus and attention
  • To support imaginary play skills
  • For children 3+ years of age.

Please consult an Occupational Therapist (OT) to guide you on theraputty strength. This will vary based on your child’s hand strength. As a general guide:

XX Soft: 3+ years

X Soft: 4+ years

Soft: 5+ years

Medium: 6+ years

Firm: Adolescents – Adults

X firm: Adolescents – Adults


**We currently only have Green (medium) in stock.


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